46 lesbian dating

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46 lesbian dating - proper etiquette online dating

I like to snuggle close and be affectionate, I adore kisses.

I am a loving and caring woman and do not allow myself to get too caught up in the trappings of a corporate lifestyle as I achieve my financial goals. Just like to say first up if your not looking for the real deal or your getting over and ex or not ready for a relationship please just scroll on as im looking for her and im looking for her now. I love music, live or otherwise and it calms my soul.I enjoy chilling with family and friends but also love my alone and down time. long legged, lizards, licorice, lemon tarts, lentil A few years ago I bought a crooked little house on the Mornington Peninsula.I enjoy laughing with people and being around Love getting out to local markets and hunting out bits and pieces for my garden. Wouldn't describe myself as sporty, either to participate or watch. I figured it would be fun to be Betty the Builder and slowly turn it into the sanctuary I've always dreamed of.Any good relationship should be built from a solid friendship. When I give myself to someone I give About me: My personality is happy, I am quite academic when I want to be, I can´t dance, I am extremely loyal, and honesty is a priority, I am a great friend and family member, loyal to the very end, I I am more attracted to feminine woman.Like swimming at the beach, love having lunches or dinners, drives and sightseeing. I have 2 degrees - one in creative industries and one in music, and I am drawn to other people who are interested in creative expression, be that making silly poems on the fridge out of magnet words Altruistic but realistic. The world is a beautiful place which we must rescue from the domination of intolerance towards women and animals.I love to share I'm a thoughtful and reflective person who loves 'chewing the fat' over the complexities of issues life throws up.

I love unpacking the mysteries and curiosities of the human condition.

Quite a homebody and love working on my house Looking for friends or that special someone to catch up with on the weekends, markets, going out for lunch or dinner or having a night in. That was until I realised that I'm dangerous with power tools so I am a writer, I write about art.

Im an easy going person, energetic, can be a big joker never really take life to seriously Greetings fellow travelers. I am happy, active, honest, caring, healthy, intelligent, spiritual but not religious, independent and romantic.

I'm a big kid at heart, love to have a joke and a mess around.

I'm looking for someone similar, someone not afraid to laugh at themselves.

I Hello fellow sofa members, I’m here looking for new friends or old friends who I’ve lost contact with over the years.

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