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Sasha is certainly correct that environmental problems are real.

The campaign certainly mentions Exxon Mobil's alleged complicity in human rights abuses in developing nations, but the same website makes clear that global warming is the reason for targeting Exxon Mobil.This isn't just me speaking as though I were critiquing Ann Coulter on her rhetorical style, though both the article's and these protesters' rhetoric is somewhat over the top.Even if we don't generally mind corporations (I don't), don't value the environment above human ends (I don't), can accept the destruction of some environmental resources for a highly useful product like oil (I can), are inclined to think that American environmental regulation is somewhat excessive (I am), and mistrust the motives of some prominent environmentalist thinkers, that doesn't mean we should reject the Exxon protesters out of hand.To the contrary, investment by multinational corporations can help alleviate the hellacious environmental conditions from which poor nations suffer.As Sasha well knows, wealthier is healthier, and richer is cleaner.(We won on some and lost on others, but the others get to keep their homes pending appeal.) Now, read Mike Lynch's new report on recent New London developments in Reason Online.

Part of the problem with these eminent domain cases -- that is, our eminent domain cases, where we actually try and change the law -- is that you rarely win as broadly as you'd like to.Deroy's commentary was a scant 712 words -- perfect op-ed length.Sasha's critique, while very thoughtful and far more thorough, was nearly twice as long.but we are meant to disapprove of these activities?I presume we are, but the article doesn't tell us why.Deroy's short and punchy piece provided enough background to make his point.

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    Many from the 1920s, but some going back to 18th century, and most seem to have an "island connection". Enter a surname in the search box - some deaths from avalanches, ship sinkings, etc., in addition to other references such as addresses, municipal politicians' names, doctors' names, etc.

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