Agnostic dating service

29-Jun-2018 17:58 by 9 Comments

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Have you ever dated someone who was really religious and he/she chose religion over you?

I don’t take her to synagogue, she doesn’t take me to church.

He says I won’t be able to support his decisions and/or I’ll resent him.

An example is if we were married in the future, he would want to donate lots and lots of money to the needy because he’s willing to sacrifice his own selfish needs to help others as God would want him to.

I’ve got clients who want someone who can dance, because dancing is important.

I’ve got clients who have to find a dog-lover, because their pets are like children.

I used an example of a Jewish woman who wanted to marry Jewish (which is normal), but also wanted to insist that her man be an animal activist as well.

And if she simply multiplied the odds of those two deal-breakers (2% of the population is Jewish; .1% might be considered male animal activists), she’s essentially declaring that only .002% of the population is even DATEABLE.

I’m a big believer in searching for answers, but only where answers can be had.

Which is why I don’t spend much time worrying about how we got here or where we go when we die; nor do I obsess about why someone doesn’t like me.

Some people (including some industrious person who sent me an anonymous copy of , and another who compared me to Hitler) get really bent out of shape about this – as if I was saying that religion doesn’t matter. Religion absolutely matters – if you make it matter.

Loving dogs absolutely matters – if you make it matter.

Someone I used to be with is Catholic and recently discovered that he wants to pursue his faith more seriously.