Aunty fuck occupation

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I Pulled Her To Me And Tried To Kiss Her On The Cheeks And Started Caressing To Her Body. I Just Could Stop Any More And I Put My Fingers To Her Panties And Pulled It Forcibly. " I Told Her " Aunt I Love You, I Love You Not Only Physically I Am In Love You As A Person. I Put My Hand Around My Aunt And Pulled Her Tightly To Me.She Realized What Was Happening And Tried To Pull Away. My Aunt Was Crying Out " Kashif I Am Your Aunt, Your Mother's Sister, You Should Not Do This It Is Not Correct. She Suddenly Looked Up And Said" Kashif Do You Love Me ? My Aunt Stared At Me In The Mirror As I Cupped Her Breasts.

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All This Came To The Stage When One Night We Both Were Alone In The Home & As A Routine I Bring With Me A Hot Sexy Movie. It Pulled Me To Go There & Slowly I Moved To My Aunt's Room. I Went To Her Room & Peeped From Side Of Door, While Looking I Shocked To See She Was Standing Half Nude Infront Of Mirror & Busy To Match Sarees To Her Body. I Don't Want To Spoil This Chance & Deliberately Entered The Room. Then I Just Put My Hands On Her Back And Caressed Her.

The Implications Of Sex Between A Mature Man And A Fertile Woman. I Was Thrilled By The Prospect That From Our Love There Could A Family.

The Excitement Was Heightened By Knowing That My Cock Was Immersed In The Cunt Of Own Aunt And I Was Ruing The Fact That I Should Have Fucked Her A Long Time Ago.

I Started Trying To Aim My Cock To Her Cunt Hole She Stopped Me Saying Let Me Do This.

She Took My Enormous Cock In Both Hand And Positioned It Exactly To Her Cunt Hole And Said " Push Now " I Slammed Immediately.

She Amazed To See Me With Full Of Erection Because My Dick Was Already Erected While Watching Movie. She Was Moaning And She Pushed Her Enormous Ass Against Me.

"What You Are Doing Here, You Don't Bother To Knock The Door" She Shouted. I Laughed And I Said " Aunt Everyday I Think Of You And I Masturbate I Have Been Doing This For Last 14 Years. Kashif I Don't Know Why I Am So Lucky, I Find You Attractive And I Also Feel Some Things But Is It Correct ? My Cock Was Already Erect And It Became Even More Distended When My Aunt's Ass Started Wriggling Against My Pant. They Were So Soft And Fluffy That They Kept Slipping Away.

I Moved Between My Aunt's Thighs Till My Cock Hung Directly Over Her Sweet Cunt.

I Kissed Her Boobs And Then Her Lips Which Parted To Admit My Tongue. Aunt Put Her Hands To My Ass And Pushed Me Against Her And She Also Raised Her Hips.

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" Kashif" She Screamed While I Was Having The Heavenly Feeling Of Having Penetrated The Tight Pussy In A Single Thrust.