Balazs dating

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Balazs dating - are mark ballas and bristol palin dating

It is a hard stone that is difficult to carve, but the images are scratched through the oxidised surfaces.

The stones were labelled a hoax and the government considered the embarrassing matter closed. Cabrera published a book, entitled ‘The Message of the Engraved Stones of Ica’, discussing his theories of the origins and meaning of the stones.We now know that this was not how they walked, a clear demonstration that the stones are a twentieth-century product and not the creations of people who saw living dinosaurs.According to Cabrera, the proof that the stones are not a hoax is in their number.Neither of these positions is supported in scientific or academic communities.Those who maintain that the Ica stones are authentic maintain that Uschuya was forced to announce that he had faked the stones to avoid imprisonment – Peruvian law prohibits the sale of archaeological discoveries.It is a rare object that stimulates the curiosity of archaeologists, ancient astronaut theorists, and creationists all at the same time, but the Ica stones have done just that.

The Ica stones refer to the momentous collection of more than 15,000 engraved stones which curiously depict clear and detailed dinosaurs, complex medical surgery, and forms of advanced technology such as telescopes.Proponents also argue that other engraved stones have been found within the Ica region, not just the ones ‘found’ by Uschuya.Archaeologist Alejandro Pezzia Assereto, a trustee of the Ica Regional Museum, found engraved stones within three different tombs dating from 400 BC to 700 AD.Most believe the stones are nothing more than an elaborate hoax, while others maintain that they are evidence that an ancient race of humans who possessed advanced technology coexisted with dinosaurs.The stones, which vary in size from pebbles to boulders, are composed of grey andesite with a granite semi-crystalline matrix.Nevertheless, it is argued that if ancient humans once possessed advanced technology there would be a lot more evidence than carved stones, including the technology itself.

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