Best dating agency in singapore

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Best dating agency in singapore

Previously, agencies accredited by the Social Development Network (SDN) were not allowed to hold events for people of a particular age group or religion, because that might appear discriminatory.

Once there, we are given a list of names of the other attendees and some writing materials to exchange our contact info with the opposite gender.

Ms Violet Lim, chief executive of Lunch Actually, said older singles looking for love are also more ready to commit and settle down.

"However, the flip side is some have emotional baggage from past relationships and may be more wary," she added.

Love Express has also seen 20 per cent growth in this group since 2010.

In the past, most older singles could turn to the agencies to find them a match only on exclusive one-on-one dates.

We are then seated by the organiser at one of the tables. There are equal number of ladies and gentlemen at each table and I have to break the ice with the lady seated opposite me to get things going.

Taking away the initial daunting fear that I had to be very extroverted, the conversations weren’t for the most part, boring at all.Reuelwrites goes undercover at a dating event and weighs in on the top 5 myths surrounding singles’ dating events.Finding the right one can be a pressurising affair in 21st century Singapore.Interest in events for the over-40s has been strong, said agencies.Latest available figures show there were about 184,000 singles aged 40 and above in 2010.But what happens when you are a good number of years past the ‘marriageable’ age? Honestly, I am a sceptic myself when it comes to approaching a dating agency for help.

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