Dating a sorority girl

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Dating a sorority girl - what to say in a dating profile

Some guys are even blacklisted after they break up with a girl.Just be careful and don't step on too many toes When I was in a fraternity, if there was a girl that broke up with a fraternity member, that girl was kind of blacklisted from the house.

She was hit on by a lot of fraternity guys but it never bothered me because we had full trust of each other and she never gave any attention to them. It generally rejects the "serial monogamy" loyal girlfriend / loyal boyfriend norm that young people today impose on themselves as early as middle school.We meet when she was a freshman and I was a sophomore. And she was in a really relationship when I met her until about my junior year. A few months after she broke up with him she started inviting me to hang out late at night, and eventually I got the hint that she liked me and I liked her too. This means that you can forget about "loyalty" in their younger years.They will be happily promiscuous in the first two years of college.So if you know you are insecure, why would you put yourself willingly in that position? I know I am late, but do the girls care if you’re in Greek life or not?Was dating a sorority girl any different before you joined vs after? I'm sure some girls cared but I never met the ones that did.I actually met her on Tinder, she asked me to her winter formal, and things snowballed from there.

As a Fraternity guy, I've never dated a sorority girl while in a Fraternity but just be aware that she will be busy with events, socials, etc so just be understanding of that if it's hard to make plans with her.

Like sure, there can be a cute girl in one of your classes that you can get to know, but they’re much harder to approach because class usually isn’t the time or place to approach someone romantically speaking. It’s more acceptable to be a bit more socially daring in this situation as opposed to normal life. My friend tipped me that she liked me, so I invited her to a party at my house and we made out that night and we kept hanging out and we became a couple. If you’re the jealous, possessive type: As a former fraternity member, be careful.

When your in Greek life, you’re interacting with them at parties which people are encouraged to be social, drink, dance together, flirt, etc. And you have buddies backing you up in those situations too. I myself wasn’t in a frat, but a lot of my friends were and I’m currently living in a frat house (Everyone in the house is in the frat except for me. If you break up, dating other girls or other social interactions within that group will be awkward.

Was dating a sorority girl any different before you joined vs after? I don’t think girls care too much if you’re involved in Greek life, but you interact with girls a lot more when you are in Greek life.

And you interact with them in settings that are much more intimate. We became friends and eventually some chemistry developed between us my Junior year and we became a couple.

I met this sorority girl in my large lecture class and I don’t know how to approach her. Greek life, at least in my college experience was all about fitting into a common culture that everyone in that culture agreed on, and you as a non-greek person don't fit in.