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We love working with cannabis brands who set a high bar for quality and who emphasize the positive impact that cannabis legalization will have on the world.Smokin’ Hot Solutions was started seven years ago by three entrepreneurs from Philadelphia.

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We help our clients win by outsmarting and outmaneuvering the competition rather than outspending them. Through a strategic mix of marketing disciplines, all working together to create real momentum that give our clients a critical competitive advantage in the marketplace. We take great pride in the work we do and accountability for the opinions we shape. Simply put, we decided to take the expertise we gleaned working with big-name companies you know and love and bring it to the emerging cannabis industry.

From various entrepreneurial backgrounds, we came together with one cohesive goal; to build a cannabis marketing agency with an innovative and thoughtful approach.

At a time when there were few specialty cannabis marketing agencies, and few willing to take the risk, we seized the opportunity.

An upstart design/build/create/help/strategize agency based in the Pacific Northwest.

We help good people & companies get the recognition they deserve through clever, honest communication and the right look.

The Acts and Resolves, which contains the session laws and resolves passed by the Massachusetts legislature, is among the State Library’s most highly used resources.

Earlier volumes (pre-1900) have interesting supplemental material, including governor’s addresses, lists of those who had a change of name and lists of state governmental officials.View Details The Cannabis Branding Group is a full-service marketing agency that caters to the needs of medical and recreational cannabis industry businesses such as dispensaries and growers, as well as producers of edibles and concentrates.We have a passion for creating powerhouse medical marijuana and recreational cannabis brands.Canna Planners is a full service design and web agency, dedicated to normalizing the cannabis industry through professional and beautiful design services.From logos to packaging design, trade-show materials to t-shirts and hats - we've got all your creative needs covered.And internally it is our goal to create and maintain a culture of high satisfaction and excitement among our people.