Dating boot camp

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You will grow and learn how to be the best gift possible.Through this relationship enhancing boot camp, prepare to have your perspective changed and your outlook shifted as you learn new ways to set boundaries, look out for warning signs, openly communicate and improve your self-esteem.

Jim and Elizabeth took some of the most effective drills used in The Life Enrichment Boot Camp and The Marriage Boot Camp today alongside newly created ones and have created this 3 day Boot Camp that is hard work.The Dating Boot Camp is the best gift you can give yourself.Through experiential games and activities combined with plenty of time to relax alone or with newfound friends, the positive transformation of your relationships is inevitable.We understand the effects of baggage from our parents, coaches, teacher and friends.It is our job to help you break old habits and create new tools so that you can continue to build a happy future.During the Singles Boot Camp, we will focus on the core areas that you need to grow in.

We will talk about the issues you most avoid discussing like love, sex and intimacy.

It is our fundamental belief that as you personally grow, your chances of finding a great relationship will grow.

We welcome young and old, dating, engaged, from all faiths, beliefs and backgrounds to attend the The Dating Boot Camp.

You will be forced to focus on you and what it takes for you to move forward healthier than ever before.

You will learn to leave your baggage in the past that has been hurting you in your relationships and decision making.

The directors at the Singles Boot Camp are dedicated to making a difference.

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