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The abstract should be no longer than 3,000 characters including spaces and should present the purpose of the research, the relevance of the problem, the methods, the main findings, and 5 to 7 keywords.Papers should have the following structure: introduction, literature review and conceptualization, methodology, results, and conclusion.

It is in a quiet location next to the park and a 5 minute walk from the Castle.

Plenary speakers Aldo Geuna (University of Torino, Italy) Robert Huggins (Cardiff University, UK) Helen Lawton Smith (Birkbeck, University of London and University of Oxford, UK) Zoltan J.

Acs (George Mason University, USA) Annamária Inzelt (IKU Innovation Research Centre, Hungary) Erik Stam (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) Important dates Abstract submission deadline •October 31st, 2016 Notification of Acceptance •November15th, 2016 Full Paper submission Deadline •January 15th, 2017 Registration Deadline •November 15th, 2016 Conference Date •December 1st-2nd, 2016 Abstract/Paper Submission Prospective authors are kindly invited to submit abstract and/or full paper for presentation that shall be written and presented in English.

The room was spotlessly clean and the bed was totally comfortable. I could hear all the staff were helping everyone they came into contact with.

I had a full nights sleep without being woken by the noise you often get in many hotels. I had an evening meal in the city centre, but on returning to the hotel and seeing the meals diners were eating, I wish I had dinner here. They were very pleasant and helpful with me and I noticed they seemed proud to work for the hotel and happy to help.

By taking the lead in this process universities should solve socioeconomic problems that have the potential of helping communities in the region and also around the world.

Those institutions that choose to be initiators, catalysts and coordinators of their regional innovation system should make changes on multiple domains, most importantly in the mindset of the stakeholders of the innovation system.

How it can be pursued and what are the pitfalls of such a process is still to be discovered, debated and resolved.

The conference aims to address two important domains: how to drive and manage a process of institutional transformation towards a more entrepreneurial model, and how university-based ecosystems can be nurtured in cultural, economic and socio-political environments that may not be naturally conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Join King Arthur as he travels with his hapless Knights of the Round Table on a divine mission to locate the illusive Holy Grail – with uproarious consequences.

Winner of the 2005 Tony Award for Best New Musical the hilarious Spamalot was written by Python legend Eric Idle, with a fantastic score co-written by John Du Prez including Always Bright Side of Life.

Simonyi Incubation Program can be chosen as campus credit if you would like to become idea developer.

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