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David Dee threw the pots, Reg Hawkins painted them, and David's son Walter Dee (1904-1987) did the glazing and firing.Walter helped his father construct a coal-fired kiln out of second-hand bricks and also worked at the pottery glazing and firing.

Throughout this period Premier was characterized by experimentation in glaze techniques and surface treatment, along with the incorporating of Australian motifs into their designs.They came in countless colours and finishes and many were made by our leading artists and ceramicists. But the glory day of the Australian Studio Art ramekin is well and truly over. Also, please note If it aint got a handle, it's just a bowl. Georges road at that time, was a large clay pit, virtually next door to the pottery.My collection has ramekins with One handle only, fixed to the body at one point only. Premier Pottery Preston was a small undertaking, unusual in that it produced only art pottery, all of it hand-thrown.Ramekins have more lately been standardized to a size with a typical volume of 50-250 ml (2-8 ounce) and are now used for serving a variety of sweet and Because they are designed to hold a serving for just one person, they are usually sold in sets of four, six, or eight. The location of their manufacture is open to conjecture.Ramekins now are solid white, round, with a fluted texture covering the outside, and a small lip. P.s To all the illiterates out there in cyberspace, just as there is no "I" in team, there is no "G" in Ramekin. If you have a set of Grandma's ramekins at the back of a kitchen cupboard, have a look through the site, maybe you will identify them. There are many of you out there that have knowledge of Australian pottery. Please note that while your comments are most welcome, any that contain a link to another site will no longer be published. None of these A1 and A2 ramekins were marked as Remued although their design is in their shape books.Please bear in mind that whatever you ask for them on Internet auction sites, someone is still getting the same thing in an op shop for peanuts. Remember, just as real men don't eat quiche, real ramekins don't have lids or two handles. To all you cretins who advertise your ramekins by associating them with "Eames" or "Eames Era". The Eames people have told me that they never made ramekins. Please let me know if you have anything that I can add to the notes. Premier Pottery in Preston commenced in 1929 by friends David Dee (1877-1934) and Reg Hawkins (1894-1971).

However, there are hundreds of decorative ramekins that came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Also remember, two handles makes it a casserole dish. Both men had had much experience in pottery before beginning this small business, set up at 52 Oakover Road in Preston. This was a perfect location for opening a pottery as on the corner of Oakover and St.His father Thomas was a friend and neighbour of John Campbell.Hawkins grew up in Poole, England, and trained as a decorator of pottery before emigrating to Australia.How many of you Baby Boomers have sat in front of a warm fire in winter, eating tinned spaghetti from a ramekin?In the period between the World Wars, and in the decades after, many famous artists made ramekins.Some 'Remued" and "Pamela" pieces are also marked "Hand Made".

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