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Miss Bamford (my auntie Nelly) as we called her died at the age of 99 many years ago and was my moms best pal so to speak (like a mom to her). Hampton Street, and I used to go to the xmas party’s there with her.

My Dad used to make most of what I got, One year I got a boat to float up the reservoir, another year he made me a shop.Vincent’s Street when it was all pulled down, about where Hickman’s the green grocers moved to.Our next-door neighbour was Miss Bamford in the yard next to her was a deaf man Mr. There were a lot of large families in our yard, the Payens, Mooney’s, Morris.I attended the day nursery opposite Summerfield Park until I was of school age; I then attended St.Georges in Plough and Harrow Road until I was 7-8 years old. Phillips) his name was Arthur Booth my mom was Olive Johnson.As time went on I built up quite a good collection and would swap with other girls the various ones of which I had two the same for a different film star which they had, it was quite good fun.

As time passed I went into Class 2 and my teacher at this time was Miss Cutler.First of all the headmistress took me along to Class 1, where I was introduced to my teacher named Miss Stevens.She was a very pleasant dark haired lady who soon put me at ease.I used to listen to her reminisces as it was so much like a history book, she told me she saw Queen Victoria by the Mint in her carriage, and the horses were watered by where she was standing (about 1890 odd)?? Best Regards Malcolm Booth I think one of the earliest memories I can recall goes back to the time when having reached my fifth birthday I was taken by my mother to attend 'Nelson Street Infant School, Ladywood, Birmingham 'for the very first time.I remember it vividly and all kinds of little things come rushing back to me as I sit and think of those long bygone days in 1933.If you went on to the roof you could look into the yard next door on the other side of the canal (Rootes the car people).

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