Dating tiscali

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Dating tiscali - Chat date n sex


Its modern techniques as well as its craftworkers, mainly the dairyman and the salter, who skilfully control and check all the different phases of the cheese-making process, from the selection and collection of the milk to the cheese ripening, guarantee the healthiness, hygiene and homogeneity of our cheeses, but most of all their genuine flavours.Dal latte migliore otteniamo i formaggi pi buoni, prodotti nel moderno stabilimento di Mores; qui gli impianti tecnologicamente avanzati, le maestranze artigiane, il casaro ed il salatore, che sapientemente seguono e controllano tutte le fasi della lavorazione, dalla selezione e conferimento del latte alla stagionatura dei formaggi, sono gli elementi peculiari che garantiscono la sanit, ligiene, lomogeneit dei prodotti, ma soprattutto la tipicit dei sapori.Sapori autentici, semplici e delicati, che meritano di essere scoperti ogni giorno nei nostri formaggi a Denominazione d Origine Protetta: il Pecorino Romano dallaroma unico e dal gusto gradevolmente piccante, ideale per il condimento dei primi piatti.The requests must be made in writing and sent via registered letter with advice of receipt to Tiscali S.p. The ownership of the shares by the requesting shareholders as well as the shareholding needed to request the integration must be confirmed by a specific certificate issued by the depositary broker, effective from the date of the same request and to be addressed to [email protected] to Article 11 (Board of Directors) of the Articles of Association, when resolving on the appointment of just one member of the Board of Directors, the voting list appointment mechanism is not applicable as it only applies in the event of integral renewal of the Board.Each individual entitled to take part may arrange for themselves to be represented during the meeting in accordance with the law by means of proxy, possibly using the proxy form available in this page of the website or to be sent to anyone requesting it via fax using no. The Shareholders can submit questions on the issues on the agenda also before the meeting by sending a letter addressed to Tiscali S.p. For such purposes, a communication must be issued by the depositary broker, also after the request made, effective until the date mentioned above, certifying that the party making the request is the owner of the shares, to be addressed to [email protected]

In the event the shareholder has requested his/her depositary broker for a communication proving the right to take part in the meeting, it will be sufficient to include the reference to this communication in the request, which may be made by the broker or, at least, the corporate name of said broker.

The share capital, amounting to EUR 92,019,513.67, is represented by 1,861,494,698 ordinary shares lacking par value. You are reminded that the requests to exercise the Warrants presented before the Call Day shall be effective within the Meeting Date and in any case in time to reasonably allow the participation in the same Meeting.

The holders of Warrants are also informed that, in consideration of the proposals of resolution of the Meeting being called, no adjustment is envisaged of either the number of conversion shares that can be subscribed at the time of exercising the warrants or the relevant strike price.

This is without prejudice to any other provision under the Articles of Association.

All the documentation regarding the meeting will be made available, according to the law, at the Company offices and in this web page. 2009 2014" (the "Warrants") are informed that, pursuant to Article 4.1 of the Regulations, the exercise of the Warrants is suspended from 30 March 2013 (included), the day following the date of the meeting of the Board of Directors of Tiscali S.p. that resolved to call the Shareholders' meeting (the "Call Day") until (included), the day following the one when the Shareholders' meeting will be held (the "Meeting Date").

The company is set apart from other market players through its ability to offer voice and data communication solutions delivered over both fixed and mobile telecommunications networks.

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