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I lost interest in all other women and in meeting new women.I had a monogamous relationship with her and was faithful for 7 years to her.

Different types of women require different strategies for each type. And I feel I have the right to date and have sex with as many woman as I want, as long as I am HONEST with them about it and practice safe sex.times a week in bars and clubs.

I had learned how to get and maintain long term multiple sexual relationship without lying to anyone.

(I usually have about 6-10 younger (19-40) sexual partners that I see once a week or once every other week, or once a month, depending on MY interest level.

If I want, I can close about 90% of the qualified women I meet for long term sexual relationships or marriage.

Once married, I am a good honest man that knows how to treat a woman, emotionally and sexually.

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L Rx Newsletter Newspaper Column Personality pick up women Qualify Women Relate To Women Relating Relating For Women Relating To Men Relationships Seduce Women Sex Talk To Women Testimonials Understanding will get free weekly tips on meeting women, approaching women, attracting women, flirting with women, seducing women, relating to women, marrying women, etc. I was still trim and in good physical shape and didn't quite look my true age, but I was balding and knew I couldn't compete with a hot to learn, however, is that it doesn't hurt to have "good looks" but it is not really important. There are other ways to get a woman's attention.MONEY, good conversation, personality and technique are some that come to mind. I started exploring personal ads, which were big at the time.How to meet women, attract women, date women, and relate to women..There is a mix of good/ mature advice and bad/misleading advice in this book. hammers on about his philosophy with women and how it leads to healthier relationships and greater satisfaction for you.I am not currently married (though I have had about 4 proposals and 4 girls who would marry me in an instant if I asked), because I won't settle for anything less than a beautiful, classy, intelligent and emotionally mature woman, that has a great family and friends, knows what she wants to do with her life exactly, and has many, many things in common with me.

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