Eva marcille dating 2016

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Eva marcille dating 2016

After filming a few scenes together, the group split up and individual cast members went their separate ways.

New cast member Eva Marcille, pictured left, is dating Atlanta mayoral hopeful Michael Sterling.Y’all can’t even keep it together in the name of a higher power?Black women are all for that black girl magic and camaraderie nowadays.Original cast member Kim Zolciak, who returns to season 10 part-time, also stayed home in Atlanta to tend to her large brood of children.Nene, 49, left the show after season 7 to pursue a movie and television career.She started dating Los Angeles rapper Kevin Mc Call in 2013 and had daughter Marley with him before they split in early 2015.

It was reported in October by People that Eva was joining season 10 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta as a 'friend' of the cast.And with the revolving door of “friends of the show,” it’s hard to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Now, we’ve resorted to cast members teenage daughters purposefully (and immature and inappropriate if I may add) live streaming water bugs crawling on someone’s bathroom floor. If Kenya’s not going to show her marriage, then recast her.It’s not fair to the viewers who want to see her new reality or the rest of the cast who are exposing the good, bad and ugly of their lives. Show women in their 50s getting their groove back like Stella, being comfortable at “starting over” when they may have more years behind them than in front of them. Kandi is the queen of entrepreneurship and more than the other ladies, her businesses are always highlighted, which I appreciate.Instead of focusing so much on her disgust with Porsha, it would have been amazing to see her journey from housewife to broadway star with her new role as Mama Morton in Chicago.My favorite scene from this season was during their girls trip to Barcelona where Cynthia took them to a beach and attempted a spiritual rebirth with them all by lighting candles and making them say kind words about a castmate they were assigned to. Even that was semi-ruined when Eva decided to shade Shamea for an earlier disagreement, although she cleaned it up in the end.Get the scoop on your favorite Black celebrities, from who's hooking up (or breaking up) with whom to the latest engagements as well as the cutest celebrity moms and their kids (we see you, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy!

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