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Where a hand-warmer or heating pad wouldn’t be able to get the job done in time and you’d normally be screwed, simply mixing a little heating powder in to re-warm it instantly does the trick. If you’re compelled to take a test on the spot, even if you have your fake urine with you, you don’t have 30 minutes of time to heat your sample. Another thing I like particularly though is that Sub-Solution actually behaves like urine should.This avoids unnecessary suspicion that may warrant further testing of your sample.

[The first check after obtaining your urine sample is usually done using thermometer strip and an EMIT (short for enzyme multiplied immunoassay techinque) dip strip, detecting drugs and proteins.This is done to determine whether the specimen being tested is genuine and not fake/synthetic, is diluted, or if it has been tampered with in order to mask drug metabolites in any way.Here are a few important things the test examines; tested for.For many, urine substitution is the ideal tool to be able to protect their privacy while still enjoying their chosen lifestyle and leisure time without balancing sacrifices, be it partying or just recreationally relaxing.Even where weed is legalized it’s not uncommon for people to have to put up with absurd bullshit tests deciding their future employment, possibly impacting other opportunities of employment as well. There are several more or less casual uses for synthetic urine, such as in science institutions, classroom experiments and movies, much cleaner and more convenient. As medicine (I know, WTF), but urine therapy has been used traditionally in some Indian cultures and in Ayurveda as an elixir to promote vitality.It’s a powdered urine kit and in my humble opinion unparalleled by the competition. Let’s say you smoked a huge amount of cannabis on the day of your drug examination.

Then detoxing or attempting to mask the drugs are not realistic methods for you, but using urine that isn’t yours to test negative, is.

Great for scams, playing pranks and games, definitely kinder to the victim(s) than the human alternative. Kinky sexual fetish porn, yep, that’s a legitimate phenomenon as well.] piss tests.

I have used it, but I would only recommend this if you know that the following factors hold true: 1.) Your urine test is not supervised (no witness will be watching you or invading your privacy by peeking over your shoulder as you pee in the cup).

Not only has the supervision become stricter, making it more difficult to hide and use fake urine..

But nowadays the labs have also developed testing for this, meaning they can sometimes detect if the urine isn’t from a human body in origin. ) [Although I made this website mainly for marijuana users, synthetic urine works the same no matter what pills, medicine, psychoactive plant, herb or drug you use (cocaine, methamphetamines, alcohol, nicotine, benzodiazepines, opiates, morphine, heroin, oxycodone, percoset, methadone, LSD, ecstacy, mdma, mda, sass, barbiturates, PCP, phencyclidine, quaaludes, psilocybin, propoxyphene and so on) since it simply mimics clean human pee) or what kind of drug panel you’re facing ( 7 panel, 10 panel or 12 panel drug test and so on)] In short. It’s toxin free and it’s what the testing labs use to calibrate their own equipment, since it gives the same, consistent result. It’s a little more complicated though nowadays than it once was, and not always the best option for your drug exam.

I’ve also heard of testing facilities that make you put some sort of bath robe on.

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