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Now we wish we would have paid more attention in school.Expertly made sex toys for men are hard to come by unless you do your homework, and we’re not big fans of that shit.

Add a variable cornucopia of internal sleeve textures with which to customize the experience and we are so on board we might as well go down with the ship.Its smooth and satisfying operating system requires hardly any energy on your part, aside from the inevitable post-nut cleanup routine.But even that is made super simple by the combined minds behind its design – the famous Fleshlight and the up-and-coming Kiiroo.Together, these two sexually deviant manufacturers have given the world of men a new option – taking masturbation where it’s never been before.The manly machine is large and in charge for sure, but secrecy isn’t really a concern when the opportunity arises to use a high-tech piece of ass like this.So, once we discover a dick pleaser that doesn’t disappoint, it quickly goes on the list.

Most sex toys are a dime a dozen, but not these sons of bitches.

This Onyx is a similarly fascinating toy in that it can be used by teams, couples, or solo artists, depending on who gets to it first.

The lightweight design is what makes it most appealing, at least when compared to the heavy-duty toys lumbering around the market these days.

Convenient weight distribution is not the only thing the Onyx has going for it though.

It serves as a hands-free device and is completely wireless.

: Not only can the Onxy be hooked up to live video feeds and Oculus Rift, it grants owners access to famous porn star webcams and has numerous masturbatory modes for each person using it.