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They can provide security in public spaces and prevent theft in businesses.The problems arise when they're used for nefarious purposes, which happens more often than any of us would like.

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Mirrors can be suspicious, too, because you won't be able to see a camera hidden behind them.

In fact, once you start looking, you may realize that cameras are everywhere: on traffic signals, in parking lots and inside stores.

If you're reading this article on your phone while waiting for your morning coffee, there's probably a camera keeping an eye on you right now.

You may even have some "hidden" cameras of your own, like Dropcams for home security, nanny cams to watch the baby or a doorbell camera to see who's knocking.

These cameras have plenty of perfectly legitimate uses.

A lawsuit against Airbnb over a reported hidden camera in a rental property is ongoing.

Just this year, a Chipoltle employee in Texas was accused of planting a hidden camera in the women's bathroom.

While this won't catch every camera, some motion-sensitive cameras make a soft click or buzz as they turn on when someone walks by.

In a noisy environment, you definitely won't be able to hear them, but if you're in a place where you can turn off lights, radios, televisions and other sources of sound, you may be able to hear a camera activate.

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In California, a Comfort Inn employee was arrested for installing a light bulb with a built-in camera above the toilet in one of the guest rooms — and these tiny, inconspicuous cameras can be easily bought online.