Intimidating xbox live gamertags

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If after 24 hours you want to come back to XGN, you must start over as a new member.6.) Your Xbox Live profile settings, including LOCATION, and BIO, must be visible at all times so other members of XGN can authenticate you as an actual member.All members must know the security question(s), and their answers within 30 days of joining XGN.8.) All XGN members are entitled to the “OPEN DOOR POLICY”.

Members are expected to follow the chain of command, and report to leadership directly above their rank at all times.The act of coaxing a member from another clan or community, including a fellow member of XGN, for recruitment purposes is strictly prohibited.NOTE: offerings and/or promises for membership participation is considered (Profit to stay) and is also strictly prohibited.If you should go over, you will be given a verbal warning.NOTE: Punishments are subject to change at the Forum Administration’s discretion.Officers may request more participation, but members are not “required” to do more than their rank calls for. Unless issues arise to where you are unable to log in or any other difficulties with the account occur. If not, your secondary account will be removed.• Please do not, at any time for any reason post content that may be: Abusive, Obscene, Vulgar, Slanderous, Hateful, Threatening, Sexually-Oriented, or just overall Disrespectful. After the following course of action, you will be banned from the forums indefinitely.• Please do not spam the Forums unless in the designated “Spam Area”.

Spamming is the act of posting several times in a row without having anybody post after you and/or posting the same topic over and over again.• Respect and growth is essential in our Community.The Open Door Policy is not an invitation to join staff meetings, nor an invitation to join, or be in a party of higher ranking members without permission.For example; While a Senior Director may “decide” to be in a party with Corporals, any problems said Corporals may have on a squad level, must first go up his chain of command.Although there are certain members we will not like for personal reasons, please refrain from causing issues due to that person, and if so, defuse the situation in a mature manner by discussing it with your Leadership.Follow the Chain of Command.• We ask politely that you keep personal pictures out of the Chat Box.Additionally if while in a party, if said Corporal brings up any problems within his/her squad with Division staff or above, they should be asked to leave the party and report to their General.9.) All XGN leaders are expected to display proper conduct, leadership skills, and a high level of professionalism at all times.

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