Ivanka trump and jared kushner dating

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Ivanka trump and jared kushner dating - Webcam hotline en argentina

But Donald’s eldest daughter Ivanka wasn’t going anywhere.Seeing a Trump White House as a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity, and one she and her husband had helped build as prominent figures on the Trump election campaign, Jared and Ivanka had chosen to uproot their lives as an upper crust Manhattan power couple and relocate to Washington.

Kushner, you will recall, has a host of potential legal problems stemming from participation in a meeting with Russian officials at Trump Tower during the campaign; a meeting with the head of a sanctioned Russian bank during the transition; encouragement for the president to fire Comey (an action that may be considered obstruction of justice) and failure to disclose all his foreign contacts on his security clearance forms.

According to a article published in 2016, ‘The Kushners hoped that Jared would marry a Jewish woman…

Donald Trump is Presbyterian, and Ivanka — who in the documentary “Born Rich” appears wearing a necklace with a silver cross — was not what they’d had in mind.’ But the break didn’t last long.

Ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch Wendi Deng – a friend of the couple – apparently contrived to bring them back together by inviting them both on the same yacht trip.

Jared later proposed to Ivanka with a 5-carat diamond ring, and ahead of their 2009 wedding Ivanka converted to Judaism.

“The newly disclosed opinions, issued to the administrations of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and obtained by on Monday through a Freedom of Information Act request, detail how Justice Department lawyers concluded for decades that such appointments of family members were illegal under an anti-nepotism law passed in 1967.” Hmm, maybe that attorney needs to be interviewed to determine whether he was pressured into offering up an opinion that allowed Trump to do what his predecessors did not.

In any event, as Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) noted, we see that once again “the Trump administration fails to meet the ethical and transparency bar of the Nixon administration.” Earlier this year, CREW prophetically warned: “Whether or not this legal analysis holds up, President Trump's hiring of his son-in-law and daughter undoubtedly violates the intended purpose of the anti-nepotism statute.Originally passed after President Kennedy appointed his brother as attorney general, the statute manifestly aims to prevent the president from appointing family members to government positions.Allowing nepotism - especially at the highest level of government - undermines the integrity of the Administration's policy making.These appointments also are likely to inhibit the ability of other government employees to give candid opinions about policy proposals and personnel matters for fear of alienating the president's family members.“Moreover, serving as a presidential advisor to a close family member raises a larger and more serious question about whether Ms Trump's and Mr Kushner's primary allegiance is to the Constitution or to President Trump personally and his brand.It also more closely intertwines President Trump's administration with his constellation of private businesses.” No one said this crowd was subtle.

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