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Nonetheless, I have found myself becoming a little impatient with Mum.I know she needs time, but we children have only one parent left now, and want to have some good memories of her when she goes, brutal and selfish though it may sound.

We declined, opting instead for a hilarious meal for two in a deserted tourist restaurant where Mum persuaded the resident Hungarian violinist to play ‘Danny Boy’ for us.At the age of 80, here she was moving through water for the first time – like a nervous but delighted toddler. Afterwards, she climbed the steps to the lockers with ease.We sat on a stone seat set under the water and she clung to the edge for the first ten minutes, then slowly she started to kick her legs out in front of her. I could have wept with joy at seeing some of her spirit and courage return. She recently turned 80 and struggles with two (often debilitating) health conditions.Her consequent lack of interest in life has left us, her four children, despairing at times.She may be a widow now, but she is still a mother, and although a mother of four myself I still need my own mum sometimes. Within two hours she was booked on my flight, fretting about whether she had packed enough cardigans.

Whenever I’m worried or in pain I find myself calling ‘Mummmmy! I still wasn’t sure that she would actually make it on to the plane, but I kept quiet and crossed my fingers.

Whether it was the wine or simply the novelty of being away from home, I couldn’t say – but I could see the old twinkle in Mum’s eye starting to return.

I was to spend two of the three days at the Implant Centre, so on arrival my mum set about making friends there.

Weekends away have been offered and rejected; theatre trips, meals out, shopping expeditions and holidays have all been met with the same wrinkle of her nose.

Despite the fact that she must often be lonely and bored, she has chosen to sit at home with just the TV for company.

Back at the hotel, Mum performed her motherly duties and put me in bed for the afternoon.

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