Loading validating bios binary file

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Below are some utilities that I have used to diagnose, troubleshoot, test, benchmark and obtain general information about a system.Please feel free to download and use these programs and support the developers in making them.

So, I sliced that out and INET fit with room to spare.Fortunately, the author of the code included a daemon loop which allows httpd to stay alive and simply fork copies of itself for each new session. Useful for logs and debugging, but not worth the delay for Magic-1. The code which reads the incoming requests does so a single charactor at a time, while setting up timeout handlers in between each char.Because request headers are pretty long now and reads end up threading through several layers of the OS, this caused a multiple-second delay per request. My previous setup forced a MTU of 576 bytes for the SLIP connection (on the NSLU2). However, the web server is incredibly slow - so slow that I think there must be some sort of timeout happening.The programs come "as is" and I offer no warranty for them, there use, or the end results from them.Read the documentation that comes with them before using them! It is your responsibility to to ensure that your data is backed up before using these tools. These tools and utilities are targeted towards the diagnostic/troubleshooting environment.As it turns out, it didn't - but this time I looked at the INET code a bit closer and realized that a big chuck of it was unnecessary.

Magic-1 doesn't have native ethernet interfaces - but uses one of the serial ports with SLIP.

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Surf Right, the creators of Hitman Pro, joined the Sophos family in 2015.

When I first attempted to build it last year, the code size was much bigger than would fit in a Magic-1's 64Kbyte code spaces.

At the time I figured that I'd have to support code overlays to get it working.

We are innovators in online security, focused on developing new applicable technologies to fight malware, spam, phishing and other forms of cybercrime with experience and products stretching back over 30 years.

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