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Out of the four judges, only Simon Cowell and Alesha Dixon still have the possibility of pushing the golden buzzer and sending someone straight through to the live semi-finals.

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While preparing for competition, he is said to eat up to 12000 calories a day.He took us over the years into judges' chambers - not balking at the fact that some of these austere figures, both male and female, could be self-satisfied and even plain bad-tempered - into the purlieus of courtrooms rather than to the histrionic battlegrounds themselves, and, especially in the later books, into the nicely humdrum office of the solicitor Rosa Epton, a character marked out from the ordinary only by a happy streak of sheer pertinacity, who grew on an ever-increasing body of readers.It is not without significance that her creator's mother was Rosa Underwood.Britain's Funniest Comedy Characters: Channel 5, 9.15pm Counting down the nation's 50 funniest comedy characters is a whole host of celebrities, writers, producers and showbiz critics.And after eight years of marriage and three years as parents to son Isaiah Michael Fisher, whom they call "Izzy," they're still going strong.Michael Evelyn never married but over the course of time acquired a very large body of godchildren, both official and unofficial.

To them he was always a delightfully genial and generous figure, as he was to all his friends.

Michael Phelps (born June 30, 1985) is a swimmer, a US Olympic athlete who won a record 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

He has a total of 14 gold medals and holds 6 world records in swimming.

An impressive total, but much of this is consumed by his long hours of swimming.

Let Me Entertain You: ITV, 6pm Premiering tonight and hosted by Michael Underwood, the brand new ITV show celebrates all things musical.

He was elected a member of the Detection Club in 1959 and during the presidency of Dame Agatha Christie he conducted the business of the club in her stead.