No age required to fuck

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No age required to fuck - mheart rurin rikdating

You should talk to your parents or another adult that you trust.

Does this mean that a couple will go to jail if they have sex under 17? But a boy can strictly speaking be prosecuted for having sex under 17.

The Gardai and the Director of Public Prosecutions use their discretion and tend to look at the overall circumstances of a relationship before deciding whether or not to prosecute.

The welfare of the young person is always the most important issue, so the law does not aim to punish teenagers unnecessarily.

If the girl is under 15 and the boy is 17 or older, what happens?

In the eyes of the law, it is more serious for an adult to have sex with someone under the age of 15, than someone aged 15 or 16 as those under 15 are even younger and more vulnerable.

For example, a state might set the age of consent at 18.

In this hypothetical state, two seventeen year olds who had consensual sex could both theoretically be convicted of statutory rape.

It is the same for homosexual and heterosexual sex. This means that under the age of 17, you are not legally old enough to consent to sexual intercourse.

This means that in certain circumstances, someone who has sex under the age of 17 or with someone else under the age of 17, may be prosecuted by the Gardai. This law exists to protect people under the age of 17, who are more vulnerable than those of 17 and over.

It is not a defence to this crime to say that the girl involved consented, which means she gave permission and said she wanted to have sex.

It can be a defence to show that he genuinely believed she was 17 and legally allowed to have sex.

The age of consent is the same for males and females.