Race dating statistics

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Or take the example of Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.She says she has Native American ancestry and could have ticked two boxes in the census.

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Newlywed couples in 2008-2010 combines three years’ data for newlyweds.

Even though labeled as “newlyweds,” 42% of newly married couples in 2008-2010 have been married before (either husband or wife or both).

Hispanic or Latino is an ethnic, not racial, category in the census.

Of the 50 million people who self-identify as Latinos, more than 18 million checked the some other race box in the 2010 Census, up from 14.9 million in 2000.

By Moni Basu, CNN (CNN) - Before 2000, you had to pick one: White, black, Asian, American Indian, Alaska Native or some other race. People who reported a background of mixed race grew by 32% to 9 million between 20. Sociologist Kris Marsh said that it could be that many people who checked only one box in 2000 have decided to celebrate their diversity and checked multiple boxes this go-around.

And what it shows is that people who say they are a mix of races grew by a larger percentage than people who reported a single race, according to the data released Thursday. But that does not necessarily mean there are many more children of interracial couples.

By Wendy Wang This report analyzes the demographic and economic characteristics of newlyweds who marry spouses of a different race or ethnicity, and compares the traits of those who “marry out” with those who “marry in.” The newlywed pairs are grouped by the race and ethnicity of the husband and wife, and are compared in terms of earnings, education, age of spouse, region of residence and other characteristics.

This report is primarily based on the Pew Research Center’s analysis of data from the U. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) in 2008-2010 and on findings from three of the Center’s own nationwide telephone surveys that explore public attitudes toward intermarriage.

For more information about data sources and methodology, see Appendix 1.

Key findings: In this report, the terms “intermarriage” and “marrying out” refer to marriages between a Hispanic and a non-Hispanic (interethnic) or marriages between non-Hispanic spouses who come from the following different racial groups (interracial): white, black, Asian, American Indian, mixed race or some other race.

Elizabeth Warren: Is she, or isn’t she Native American?