Rss feed not updating in google reader

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Rss feed not updating in google reader - Hrvatski web cam chat

Although it’s not as robust as Google Reader, it’s good enough for keeping track of just a few feeds real-time which can be handy for news sites or groovy Post! First, let’s bring the gadget to the visible desktop. You can select to display all of your subscribed IE feeds or just one of your favorites. It’s sleek, its minimalist, and it keeps you updated. 🙂Unlike the gadget from Windows Vista, the new Feed Reader does not manage its own list of RSS feeds.

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First Google Reader users got a warning that their service was on the outs (it then closed for good July 1). ) out of nowhere launched a minimalist-designed RSS feed reader, with an i Phone app, too, putting a jaunty feather in its cap.

But if you want the basic RSS stuff of life, a simple scrolling list of updates from your favorite blogs, news sources, and sites of curiosities delivered to an inbox-like environment, then check out the services listed below.

My personal quest for a new RSS feed reader led me to reevaluate what was important. I also spent a long time looking at which readers included tools to help me organize my feeds.

The public beta is free, though Digg's roadmap has on it premium features that will roll out later for a price.

This Web-based RSS feed reader includes features that encourage exploration of new content, but it doesn't force you to read them in a magazine-like display, which more traditionalists with RSS feeds may prefer.

With competing readers (such as Google Reader, My Yahoo, News Gator, etc.) to add a feed all you have to do is just the Subscribe button.

If only there were a way to make it as simple with the Outlook Reader! Well, if you’re using Internet Explorer 8 as your web browser – there is a setting within Outlook that easily allows you to exchange Feed subscriptions between the two programs. The Common Feed List (CFL) is in Internet Explorer under the Favorites OK to finish.It has a clean design that's customizable (with options to see a list, preview, or expanded entries), and Feedly suggests other content that may be of interest to you.Read the full review ›› Comma Feed is the RSS feed reader of choice for DIY folks.Now whenever you Add a new feed to the Common Feed List (aka your Favorites in Internet Explorer), they will also be automatically added to Outlook, and it works the other way around too.This tip is a groovy way to manage your Outlook RSS feeds if you’re using Internet Explorer as your browser of choice.Although Google Reader is probably one of my favorite RSS (Really Simple Syndication) readers, Windows 7 also has a clean and straightforward RSS Reader/Gadget built-in.