Rules on dating in the workplace

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Rules on dating in the workplace

These options may include reassignment of one of the employees to another department or position, lessening the likelihood of charges of favoritism or special treatment.Employers should monitor relationships for signs that they are truly consensual.

Ask HR: Can employees get in trouble for legal pot?

Expectations should be set that any supervisor, manager, executive, or other company official in a sensitive or influential position must disclose the existence of a romantic or sexual relationship with another co-worker to the employee’s immediate supervisor or HR.

This disclosure enables the company to determine whether a conflict of interest exists and to consider options for resolving the conflict of interest.

Taylor Jr., a human-resources expert, is tackling your questions as part of a series for USA TODAY. If I came to your restaurant and my server was more focused on her phone than taking my order, you can bet I wouldn't come back a second time. For business owners, customer service and productivity are important.

Taylor is the president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, the world's largest HR professional society. In our small business (restaurant) of 15-20 employees, we lose employees to their smartphones! But we all want to feel connected to family or friends even when we're at work. The bottom line: You are the boss, so you absolutely could ban cellphones.

But, California Labor Code protects an employee's right to privacy to engage in whatever lawful activity an employee wants while he or she is off the clock and away from work premises. That said, not all co-worker dating relationships are protected.

There is California precedent that suggests that employers can prohibit some types of workplace dating relationships.Q: Workplace romance — what's the official line on if it's OK to ask a co-worker on a date? In fact, research from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that among organizations that have workplace romance policies, 99% prohibit romance between supervisors and their direct reports. Most of us spend so much of our time at work that we're bound to meet someone we may want to date. On the behavior front, it is critical you don't allow your pursuit of a co-worker to cross the line into harassment or stalking.So, let me take the liberty of rephrasing the question: What should you do if you end up dating someone at work? If the person says no to your invitation to move the relationship from work to romance, accept that answer. For one, an office romance could create problems within the workplace concerning favoritism.Or, it could raise a conflict of interest within the business.If a relationship is found to be a result of coercion, the organization should immediately investigate for sexual harassment.

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