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Those extra plays also would have most likely drained the clock of several more minutes.

It's a chance to rest, regroup and – win or lose the previous weekend – turn the page to the next opponent.

That number has held remarkably steady in recent years; in every season dating back through 2012, the NFL as a whole has converted on somewhere between 63 and 66% on fourth-and-one. Ronde is first ballot, but what do think are the chances on the other two?

The Bucs should have been confident that they would succeed on that play, as I'm sure they were. #bucslive — Jimenez Family (@JRec Fam) November 24, 2017 I know I answered a question about the Hall of Fame just last week, but this is different.

To address that would be to skip a step – will they make it to the 15 finalists – but we'll just discuss it all together.

Just so that nothing that follows is misinterpreted, let me make myself clear: I think all three should be in the Hall of Fame.

That one was about the chances of three Buccaneers to make it past the initial list of 2018 candidates into the semifinalist group of 25.

It's a significant step that will be followed in January by a cut down to 15 finalists.

My thought was that safety John Lynch and Ronde Barber were locks to make it to the group of 25 (it actually ended up at 27 because of some ties in the voting) but that defensive end Simeon Rice, while deserving, had a 50-50 shot.

This was on Tuesday afternoon; on Tuesday night, we got the good news. Lynch seemed like a sure thing because he had been a semifinalist each of his first five years on the ballot and a finalist each of the last four.

But now we can move on to the next step in the debate, as framed by the Jimenez Family above.

Now that Lynch, Barber and Rice have moved on to the next step, what are their chances of making the Hall?

This week, we discuss fourth-down strategy, Hall of Fame candidates and next year's draft. I thought the Bucs should kick a field goal there to make it 27-23 because they were going to need two scores to win the game anyway.