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If you’re going to hit the ground running in the interview, it’s imperative you provide the employer with something substantial.Open up with your years or months of experience in the field.

What you’re going to be bringing to the table, how you’ll create repeat business, how you’ll land fresh clients, how you’ll improve safety on the job, how you’ll improve time or cut costs. My selling point for my job wasn’t my job experience – mostly because I didn’t have any.

Let’s use restaurants as an example – imagine you’re an employer, which of these two sales pitches is going to convince you?

“I’ve worked both front and back of the house at a restaurant before.

One of the greatest issues I’ve run into has been that of applicants spending the entirety of the interview trying to convince me that they meet the basic requirements of the position as listed in the ad online.

You’re going to need to understand this: if you’ve gotten to the interview, it’s already understood that you’re qualified.

Being on time, having a strong work ethic – these are (again) the things employers expect of you.

Using them as your opening selling points is like trying to sell a house on the merit of it having walls, a roof, and basic plumbing.

While you should absolutely cover your basic job history and relevant skills in the first few seconds of your pitch, the majority of your answer should be tailored to talking about what more you’re bringing to the table.

Think of it this way: any commercial on TV that just showed you the list of ingredients for a snack or the mechanics of the gadget they’re selling probably wouldn’t get any reaction from you. They give you images of attractive, vibrant young people at parties and camping trips, or racing puppies through the spacious backyards of nice houses along with their smiling families (all regardless of whether or not they’re related to the product they’re selling).

When we’re nervous, we can have a tendency to overexplain ourselves and bury the relevant information under a wave of redundancy and repetition.

Less really is more, and with these opening seconds serving as the most important element of the interview, you really can’t afford to screw them up.

It’s a simple case of “the devil you know”, and you need to make sure that it’s you.