Tetraflex accommodating intraocular lens

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Placing an accommodating lens in an eye but failing to achieve emmetropia leaves the patient either with limited accommodation in the case of a hyperopic result or with poor distance vision with a myopic result.Accurate refractive outcomes are the sine qua non of premium IOL surgery, and despite advances in biometry, they remain somewhat unpredictable.

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As the ciliary body contracts and the zonule relaxes, the optics move apart, thus increasing the power of the lens and resulting in near acuity.Chromatic aberration reduces image quality in normal white light because each of its color wavelengths refracts differently.The Tecnis Multifocal IOL is made of an acrylic material with chromatic aberration, which is better than that of the crystalline lens.This helps optimize the focus of normal white light for distance and near vision.The approval of toric multifocal lenses, such as the Acri.One to 2 weeks postoperatively, the surgeon measures the patient’s refractive error.

Then, using Calhoun’s Light Delivery Device (Calhoun Vision, Inc.) (Figure 4), the surgeon shines ultraviolet light on the lens through a dilated pupil.

Premium IOLs generally provide better UCVA than traditional standard monofocal lenses.

The new IOLs in the pipeline may finally make spectacles after cataract surgery unnecessary. Maloney, MD, is in private practice with and the director of the Maloney Vision Institute in Los Angeles. and is chief medical officer for Calhoun Vision, Inc.

The mechanism of accommodation is similar to that of the Crystalens, which moves anteriorly when the zonule relaxes with accommodative effort and thus increases its effective power and reduces myopia (Figure 3).

The challenge with any IOL is to obtain the correct refractive power.

Theoretically, 1.5 mm of separation should result in about 3.50 D of accommodation.

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