The secret guide to dating monsters

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The secret guide to dating monsters

That’s all you need to know to get Damien’s secret ending in Monster Prom.For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

When the big day finally arrives, ask Polly to the Monster Prom.

When you have gotten the stats around the 10 point mark in Monster Prom, visit the library.

Should the event start up, you will find yourself talking to Liam, initially.

Your conversation will be interrupted when you discover Damien attempting to give a corpse a makeover.

He will reveal his passion for hairdressing, but lament his apparent lack of talent.

Though he is best known for his talents in arson and punching, Damien La Vey is actually a multilayered young demon with aspirations in life that he hides under his violent exterior.

By unlocking Damien’s secret ‘hairdresser’ ending in Monster Prom, you will help him to realize his dream at last.In her secret ending, the ‘Reverse Romanian Wilkinson’, she reveals one of her biggest regrets from before she died.If you can manage to collect the necessary resources to make her wish come true, the two of you will enjoy a night together at the Monster Prom you’ll never forget.It isn’t crucial to select the fun option in the final question of the trivia quiz, but it definitely helps.You’ll also want to boost your charm stat, and make sure to visit the library frequently to ensure you have enough cash (at least ) when you need it.In order to ensure this, select the long game option to give yourself enough days to follow the storyline through.

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