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Updating anthy dic - 1000dating single site ru

UPDATE: In the Ubuntu repositories is a small utility called "kasumi" which lets you edit your personal dictionary in a graphical way. It also may help developers to develop input method easily.

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A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is attached.

* debian/control (Breaks, Replaces): Add for libantyinput0-dev (Closes: #789934). Selecting previously unselected package libanthy1:amd64. Depending on the circumstances you might also consider Replace relations or file diversions.

Checksums-Sha1: 103802357214cd4540ecbe65237a31eeb039002f 2000 anthy_0.3-408394354f18d2dcfe7fce5a483cb1400d8d32bba 11972 anthy_0.3-4.xz d4649fce958ebbf4d12f935e22a1fbf3dfd68b7e 5563318 anthy-common_0.3-4_f82d84f2b8967ef81eef6cdb1b26bc73d1907a50 32632 anthy-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd64ee4ea80f4866479e02876e3fc75271e5e02823a9 30546 anthy-el_0.3-4_5c0fc253251504157116f5f980bedc993e32796c 7988 anthy_0.3-4_amd64.buildinfo 448af3373f6da868579de6ca1d849ddf320ff165 25326 anthy_0.3-4_amd64e062a0e374012b5e444aeb9ceb7dd9263ca0c048 115832 libanthy-dev_0.3-4_amd64d9d1f5959b44f6a58437c19c3355bf0ac78f54c0 173096 libanthy1-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd64eacbad6204be504adfd3a0b058e603489068aeac 109072 libanthy1_0.3-4_amd64bf9c94a8c2c01dc261468b4a70a47941216a79c0 29046 libanthyinput-dev_0.3-4_amd64471c30f7d1d560d660b82fd7a45e3a28a73ec754 30456 libanthyinput0-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd64d3d40ec49fb899a3a4a1f1e6a1a9809db5c0c926 30688 libanthyinput0_0.3-4_amd64Checksums-Sha256: 9b22ee56963106674ffb8bdf3c345ef91f68b32bd3a3349262f61fad02a67ba2 2000 anthy_0.3-413174c9221ef12a61a5a4c43af8e7d77b77c1b07c2068d17790faf9b9e28bd2d 11972 anthy_0.3-4.xz e8191f1f8a43b5445ce726a7a8aa0220ead8632be121c4ddc3b2c615c66799fa 5563318 anthy-common_0.3-4_15e22c6e97ef3ceca171110402ddfafa89d73063823a16d71739c69c6dbd4c07 32632 anthy-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd64d6962877a9af397c44d0ee2ca40539b6717a3cbc820e54e802346018d7da0f01 30546 anthy-el_0.3-4_91e47657b717442f412fe403959b3850ad3f47bf8c13b76c9aaa4173b060b0d8 7988 anthy_0.3-4_amd64.buildinfo b798a5d69d640cab8f15ddf43b3089b7e03a0a1c252856511253c4f91188d0f0 25326 anthy_0.3-4_amd641538a305433f39042f2beb594556f1e71a86310cc8fe8c002e0ded0dd515ac18 115832 libanthy-dev_0.3-4_amd64186c229ab329e1d98c0552632cf66eaedef9a1111e634aa4ae48194c87a163c9 173096 libanthy1-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd645f2a70506c7e6bc5fb44f636d566d244611e9160c68194800950733cf833362e 109072 libanthy1_0.3-4_amd64815f332ba3e8fa739cab2b673455df445a12d53b5852af70fe24778da644a2ca 29046 libanthyinput-dev_0.3-4_amd6489490949ba56f58aaee1acfff2e299418a7c568bade0e0e50c1297cd4a71c663 30456 libanthyinput0-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd642ce07770916960461197817bed0b8430da9ed2f37632e8e17f159e395179abf5 30688 libanthyinput0_0.3-4_amd64Files: 30df3f20550bfe94a61f56ab3478591d 2000 utils optional anthy_0.3-40576cbc84cbcda4a8b97dd1e5dbc120d 11972 utils optional anthy_0.3-4.xz 0c97d680273656f6b429c6c85f5b4097 5563318 utils optional anthy-common_0.3-4_47a0d95395468734cb059f7d68a6f013 32632 debug extra anthy-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd64ca6d3d84bbcdb0dcc39e50beab832fc2 30546 lisp optional anthy-el_0.3-4_8812bef3a8a838d94ef69edf1eb2a64b 7988 utils optional anthy_0.3-4_amd64.buildinfo b2165ce65264317ca7f43911c906b4cd 25326 utils optional anthy_0.3-4_amd644e22a772276d47b5ec8d38bdee225495 115832 libdevel optional libanthy-dev_0.3-4_amd64d3d7a6c40419790ebc14121e21815b87 173096 debug extra libanthy1-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd646a0ca643744f0595f19d4561f2a6235e 109072 libs optional libanthy1_0.3-4_amd641a8b6bfe7e22d80284d73b7d97f83591 29046 libdevel optional libanthyinput-dev_0.3-4_amd64abe4b58abd55788d485b03c73d44828b 30456 debug extra libanthyinput0-dbgsym_0.3-4_amd6458caa10683559069b2c2edc3e2bb7329 30688 libs optional libanthyinput0_0.3-4_amd64-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- i QEz BAEBCAAd Fi EEEk Ekv Tt IYq96Ck Lx ALRev Uynur4FAlmkst YACgk QALRev Uyn ur7C/Qf KYUzx P618nn Gs88Ms SH0b ESCHINt3a B8msa1n Si BFdj LYOJFQWGkb4qf c9Ix8qi9Pyps TOf K7d SDGYxw Cbi Zhw Tbf IIVBKc6V6e IMYCm OSa Sg I6ec UJ5c X8K 0tz AT4w DMq PPSg Rjf Bs/v7ABrc8/Lyg YPWo7/6z7jy FVN401Ljw Qz Ol D9x NBIo3R DTOMh6Ws y YDMr VGWs V61SIa N3k Ooo A /1cu Fduh1V5u VAVq3F/9H5tw Aqz S3SMY n I4FNz U l D0VO5DONQQTBo HS0139/ XXvh LO3lx Oywt Qkjd4T226Ls7a FTsczw V z9oez Ro DVp FEx Gl Tc Tn XDC6pi Z0asg== =f9RG -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- Hi, this isn't resolved yet: Package: libanthy0,libanthyinput0 Version: libanthy0/9100h-25 b2 Version: libanthyinput0/1:0.3-4 Severity: serious User: [email protected]: edos-file-overwrite Date: 2017-08-29 Architecture: amd64 Distribution: sid Hi, automatic installation tests of packages that share a file and at the same time do not conflict by their package dependency relationships has detected the following problem: Selecting previously unselected package anthy-common. 11002 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack .../anthy-common_1:0.3-2_... Selecting previously unselected package libanthy0:amd64. Preparing to unpack .../libanthy0_9100h-25 b2_amd64... If the conflicting situation cannot be resolved then, as a last resort, the two packages have to declare a mutual Conflict.

pkg_add: Warning: package `vim-7.2.442' was built for a platform: pkg_add: Net BSD/x86_64 5.0.2 (pkg) vs. emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/viper emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/widget emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/woman Removing package lib Xaw-1.0.7...

R:1 U:1 A:0 R:2 U:1 A:1 R:2 U:1 A:1 ---------------------- UPDATE PLAN ------------------------- The following packages will be removed The following packages will be installed editors/vim (vim-7.2.442) Vim editor (vi clone) without GUI The following packages will be installed as auto-removable editors/vim-share (vim-share-7.2.442) Data files for the vim editor (vi clone) Proceed (y/N)? Net BSD/x86_64 5.1 (this host) Installing package vim-7.2.442... sandbox-5-3 # nih install editors/emacs20 -emacs Getting installed packages... R:2 U:1 A:0 R:2 U:1 A:0 ---------------------- UPDATE PLAN ------------------------- The following packages will be removed graphics/jpeg (jpeg-8b) IJG's jpeg compression utilities graphics/libungif (libungif-4.1.4nb1) Tools and library routines for working with GIF images graphics/png (png-1.4.5) Library for manipulating PNG images graphics/tiff (tiff-3.9.4nb1) Library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files x11/lib ICE (lib ICE-1.0.6) Inter Client Exchange (ICE) library for X x11/lib SM (lib SM-1.1.1nb1) X Session Management Library x11/lib X11 (lib X11-1.3.5) Base X libraries from modular Xorg X11 x11/lib Xau (lib Xau-1.0.6) Authorization Protocol for X from x11/lib Xaw (lib Xaw-1.0.7) X Athena Widgets Library from modular Xorg X11 x11/lib Xdmcp (lib Xdmcp-1.0.3) X Display Manager Control Protocol library from x11/lib Xext (lib Xext-1.1.1) X Extension library x11/lib Xmu (lib Xmu-1.0.5) X Miscellaneous Utilities library x11/lib Xpm (lib Xpm-3.5.8) X Pix Map Library from modular Xorg X11 x11/lib Xt (lib Xt-1.0.8) X Toolkit Intrinsics library x11/libxcb (libxcb-1.7) X protocol C-language Binding // editors/emacs22 (emacs-22.3nb11) GNU editing macros (editor) The following packages will be installed editors/emacs20 (emacs-20.7nb14) GNU editing macros (editor) The following packages will be installed as auto-removable Proceed (y/N)? emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/ada-mode emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/autotype emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/calc emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/ccmode emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/cl emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/dired-x emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/ebrowse emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/ediff emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/efaq emacs-22.3nb11: unregistering info file /usr/pkg/info/eintr ...

pkg_add: Warning: package `emacs-20.7nb14' was built for a platform: pkg_add: Net BSD/x86_64 5.0_STABLE (pkg) vs. # nih remove vim The following packages will be removed: vim-7.2.442 Vim editor (vi clone) without GUI The following dependent packages will be removed: Remove them (y/N)?

They seem to be encoded in EUC-JP but don't worry about it. It provides full featured and user friendly input method user interface.IBus-Anthy is an input method (IM) for Japanese, based on IBus.Package: libanthyinput0 Version: 1:0.3-1 Severity: serious User: [email protected]: piuparts Hi, during a test with piuparts I noticed your package fails to upgrade from 'sid' to 'experimental'.It installed fine in 'sid', then the upgrade to 'experimental' fails because it tries to overwrite other packages files without declaring a Breaks Replaces relation.Please take into account that Replaces, Conflicts and diversions should only be used when packages provide different implementations for the same functionality.