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Updating gsa advantage sip - Seks datin

Additional information can be found on the HCa TS webpage *** WARNING *** This is a U. General Services Administration computer system that is "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY." This system is subject to monitoring.Therefore, no expectation of privacy is to be assumed.

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Mandatory Contractor Participation in GSA Advantage In keeping with the Terms and Conditions of your FSS contract you are mandated to adhere to the FSS and GSA Schedule Clause I-FSS-597 GSA ADVANTAGE!

The following weeks continued with more vendors protesting the OS2 contract extension and House lawmakers becoming involved and requesting impact studies from GAO.

Results arrived as the GSA announced after conducting a thorough review that all Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) extensions of OS2 were to end.

This Start-Up Kit explains how to get your products and services online as well as how to maintain your information.

Your participation is extremely important to us as we have accepted the challenge to employ electronic commerce and to simplify the acquisition process for the Federal Government.

Previously, the GSA found that itself in the forefront of several protests from vendors due to a possible extension.

The OS2 contract extension was slated to extend through November and would allow for current vendors to continue their business with government agencies.

Contractors who offer standard Net 30 payment terms have not agreed to any prompt payment discounts.

However, they can provide them to individual orders and invoices.

GSA's key goal is to deliver excellent acquisition services that provide best value, in terms of cost, quality and service, for federal agencies and taxpayers.

GSA offers a wide range of acquisition services and solutions utilizing a variety of tools, contract vehicles, and services to meet the customer's specific needs including Multiple Award Schedules, Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts, Technology Contracts, and Assisted Acquisition Services.

For more information on what GSA has to offer,visit

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