Updating virtual devices

10-Nov-2017 04:41 by 5 Comments

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But I can't seem to find a way to remove the #2 from the adapter.VBox creates it as #2 every time, and I don't find any first adapter.

The Bridged adapter is a "filter" in each of your actual network cards. If you want so desperately to not see it, there is a simple option; uninstall Virtual Box and re-install it as I told you before, but before you start clicking Next, Next, Next... You'll see a "Virtual Box Bridged Networking" option. The other trace is that if I create a host-only adapter, it will be created as #2, while before it was always without a number.

Here is what mine looks like with and without this enabled. Another trick which has worked for me to solve adapter problems after upgrades is to go to the settings of the vm (while it is shut down), clear the checkbox from the adapter currently in use and enable a different one. You don't know enough about how the whole Virtual Box logic works, yet you have an opinion and everything I was trying to point you to was "Nope, it's not that", because it wasn't fitting your theory.

Your thinking would take you as far as creating a bug. Finally one last note; it's Windows only that creates such hidden devices. But the problem is quite real and solvable, if you're willing to jump through some hoops. The "#2" is not added by Windows, but by Virtual Box in my case, when installing/adding the filter (and then the name gets passed to Windows).

The availability of the updated version depends on the current promotion of that version (Maintenance, Test, or Production), and the type of device attempting to access it (Maintenance Device, Update Device, Test Device, or Production Device).

Updating images for devices that use a personal v Disk, must be done on a virtual machine that does not have a personal v Disk attached.

The problem is, if I want to use a Host-Only Network, I need to create one first (from File - Host-only Networks; and this is also where the #2 get's added).

If I don't create one, I cannot select one in the individual VM's settings.

It is often necessary to update an existing v Disk so that the image contains the most current software and patches.

Each time the v Disk is to be updated, a new version of that v Disk is created (VHDX file) to capture the changes without changing the base v Disk image.

Servers are Dell R730s running VMware-VMvisor-Installer-5.5.0.update02-2068190.x86_64-Dell_Customized-A02Does anyone have any ideas about what might be the cause of this?

Was this broken somehow in the latest build 1993072 ?

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