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I was flummoxed by his argument, a more thoughtful Nietzschean critique than I was prepared to take on—and by the unnerving fact that the kid who’d once cribbed my chemistry notes now had something to say.

When Donald Trump began adopting alt-right themes during his presidential campaign, Spencer threw him his support.

On August 25, 2016, in a scripted campaign speech, Hillary Clinton said that the Trump campaign didn’t represent “Republicanism as we have known it.” Controlling his campaign, she said, was “an emerging racist ideology known as the alt-right.” With one major-party presidential nominee using his nomenclature, and the other accused of supporting his ideas, Spencer got famous, and he moved into an apartment in Northern Virginia.

(He continues to live part-time in Whitefish.)A number of mortified St. Eight from our class of 69, myself among them, wrote an anti-Spencer statement on a crowdsourced fund-raising website, supporting resettlement of refugees in Dallas—a cause we chose because we knew it would irritate him. ,” the school community had kicked in more than ,000.

In 2011, he moved from Washington to Whitefish, Montana, where his mother owns a vacation home and a commercial building.

(She is the heiress to cotton farms in Louisiana, and his father is a respected Dallas ophthalmologist.) There he edited and published a new online magazine, Alternative Right, and soon took over the National Policy Institute.

He was not yet known as our generation’s most prominent white supremacist.

I remembered him as my eighth-grade-chemistry lab partner and high-school classmate.I remember little to admire and little to despise—other than, perhaps, the featureless mediocrity he represented to my ambitious teenage self.When I graduated, in 1997, having won admission to the Ivy League and achieved escape velocity from the Dallas suburbs, it was the mediocrity of Richard Spencer that I was insufferably proud to have left behind.I was wary when he evaded my questions about the politics of his club. I made a point to lose his business card (he was the literary editor of The American Conservative, it said) and forget about him, as I had 10 years 25 years we have known each other, my attitude toward Spencer was indifference. Mark’s School of Texas, our Dallas all-male prep school, in eighth grade.We shared a home-room adviser and both took Latin, which he pronounced, with a verbal tic that persists today, as if the middle consonant were a d, as in the name Aladdin. He played baseball and football, but you wouldn’t have gone to games to see him play.We had reacted, he wrote, by deciding “to commit civilizational suicide even harder than before …